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Josh P Tolin

About Josh Tolin

About me

I have practiced law since 1986 in Missouri. My discipline concerned someone taking something from a file in 1999, but was not found out about until 2004. When I found out this information, I clearly was wrong in believing it to be covered by a court order from California, thinking the information was told to me in attorney-client privilege.


Prior to 2006 I had the highest rating an attorneyt can have, AV+. My discipline in Colorado was based upon recipriocity, and is unrelated to anything done wrong in Colorado.


The majority of my practice is based on referrals form other lawyers who know my skills and understand I mad a mistake in the past , which had nothing to do with my capabilities as an attorney,


If given the chance, you will find me to be very straight-forward and understand how to evaulate, prepare, and try medical malpractice cases, and litigation in general.