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Stephen Patrick Rapp

About Stephen Rapp

About me

At the Law Office of Stephen Patrick Rapp, Quincy, Illinois, we concentrate in the field of Personal Injury Law. Our office handles a wide variety of Personal Injury Law cases and we are proud to associate with other attorneys throughout the State of Illinois.  Our office is located across from the Adams County Courthouse at The Blackstone Building at the corner of 6th and Vermont, 237 N. 6th Street, Suite 10. We handle cases in West Central Illinois, including Hamilton, Illinois, Carthage, Illinois, Camp Point, Illinois, Mendon, Illinois, Ursa, Illinois, Payson, Illinois, Liberty, Illinois, Hull, Illinois, Pittsfield, Illinois, Barry, Illinois, and many other villages and towns in Adams County, Illinois, Hancock County, Illinois, Brown County, Illinois and Pike County, Illinois.  We are available to handle serious injury and death claims throughout Illinois.  We encourage you however to consider The Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp for injury claims, car accident claims, motorcycle accident claims, workers compensation claims, wrongful death claims, pedestrian accident claims and other serious injury claims occurring in Adams County, Hancock County, Brown County and Pike County as we believe that LOCAL legal representation with an office located near the site of the accident is important in the handling of your claim.  At The Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp we are your LOCAL PERSONAL INJURY LAW Firm.  We concentrate in Personal Injury Law and we feel that it is not necessary to hire a firm that may have an office many or hundreds of miles away from where you live.  With our office centrally located in Quincy, Illinois, you will find it easy to come to our office as we work on your case.  If you are injured, call us right away and consider letting us help you from day one as insurance companies might want you to sign papers or give statements without the benefit of legal representation.  Know and Protect Your Legal Rights-Call The Law Office of Stephen P. Rapp.


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Stephen Patrick Rapp, born and raised in Quincy, Illinois, concentrates in Personal Injury Law.  Rapp is one of five brothers with J.D. degrees.  Practicing in his home town of Quincy, Illinois, Rapp's concentration in Personal Injury Law provides a solid foundation for a client seeking representation for an injury claim.