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Carl Harry Reisman

Carl Reisman’s Legal Guides

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  • 6 Major Illinois Workers' Compensation Changes--Effective September 1, 2011

    On June 28, 2011 Governor Quinn signed into law major changes to Illinois Workers' Compensation law that are effective 9/1/11.

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  • How Workers' Compensation Works--A Brief History of Illinois Workers' Compensation

    American Workers Compensation celebrates its centennial this yearthe first state law was passed in Wisconsin in 1911, and Illinois was close behind in 1912. Before workers compensation employers had no responsibility to compensate employees or their families if an employee was...

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  • Proposed 2011 Changes in Illinois Workers' Compensation Law

    A panel was convened in December, 2010 to consider workers' compensation reform in Illinois and a bill, SB 1066, rushed to the General Assembly. As of January 17, 2011, this bill hasn't yet come up for a vote but it could at any time. Illinois workers and their families stand to...

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  • Work Injury Survival Checklist

    A brief checklist for injured workers to help them preserve their rights. Report your injury to your employer ASAP.Go to the doctor of your choice ASAP and give an accurate history of how your injury arose out of your work. Ask your doctor to put this in your records. Tell the...

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