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Carl Harry Reisman

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  • Does my dad still has workers comp case?

    My dad was injured in July 2011, He was taken to ER. The MRI showed he has some back injury due to slip and fall at work. He had IMA almost two months ago where his employer told him to go. His pain was so bad that he quit his job. He already has ...

    Carl’s Answer

    1. It looks like your Dad reported his claim to his employer within 45 days. This would mean that he still would have the right to file a workers' compensation claim with the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission. This right continues for 3 years from the date of injury or 2 years from the last date compensation was paid, whichever is later.
    2. The claim number you refer to means that the employer reported the claim to its workers' compensation insurance carrier. If he wants more treatment and he's not represented by a lawyer yet, he certainly could call the adjuster and let him or her know. Generally, for an injury last July, your father would have a right to see a doctor of his choice and get a second opinion. All doctors referred to by the first doctor and the the doctor that he sees for a second opinion should be paid for by the workers' compensation insurance carrier if the treatment is to relieve the effects of the work injury.
    3. He should be entitled to a settlement or an award from an arbitrator, but a claim should be promptly filed with the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission to protect his rights.
    4. If he settles his claim, almost certainly all his rights to further medical treatment and any other benefits under the Illinois Workers' Compensation statute will end.

    Certainly, if he wants more specific advice, he can call me.

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  • Can i sue for medical negligence for retained placenta on me for 22 days

    i had my son on second of may 2010 with caesarean soction i did bleed a bit heavy but first two days they said is normal i got home and i was having blood clots i did mention to the midwife but she said better they comming out not in and it was ge...

    Carl’s Answer

    I don't practice law in Texas but can give you some general advice. You need to request copies of your complete medical records from the hospital and make an appointment with a lawyer who accepts medical malpractice cases. They will talk to you, review the records, and may have them also reviewed by a doctor. If one lawyer won't help you, you should go to another for a second opinion. You'll also have to keep in mind the statute of limitations for medical malpractice in Texas--as in Illinois lawyer, I can't tell you what this is (here, it's two years.) I hope that you and your son are doing better now and wish you the best.

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  • How much money can i get for injury?

    April 18, this year i had gotten into an auto accident that wasnt my fault, and I had a lot of bumbs and bruises but worse i had to get surgery on my right foot now I have 2 metal plates and lots of screws i just want to know aprx. how much i woul...

    Carl’s Answer

    There is no simple answer to this question. The best thing to do is to consult with a lawyer who accepts personal injury cases and discuss your case with him or her. You can make the lawyer's job much easier if you bring to the appointment the crash report issued by the police department, your medical bills and records (or at least a list of the places where you've received treatment), any receipts from prescriptions, any accounting of lost wages, and any other money that you've spent or lost because of this accident. If you have any photos of the vehicles or your injuries, this would help a great deal, too. The lawyer will want to know about your pain and suffering and any disability that you've had and still have. The lawyer will also want to find out if you might need surgery in the future or if your injuries might cause you problems down the road or limit you in some way. It sounds like you've had a very severe injury and I'd recommend that you retain a lawyer as soon as possible to help you get the money damages that you deserve.

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  • Is there help for car accident victim when hit by driver with no insurance, no license and fled the scene?

    My daughter sustained severe hip injuries when she was t-boned by a driver running a stop sign. Her car insurance covers 50K for uninsured motorist, but medical bills alone exceed 200K, not to mention loss of income,and likely long term physical ...

    Carl’s Answer

    Your daughter needs to consult with a lawyer in the state where the accident happened or the owner of the car lives as soon as possible. Her initial concern should be to make sure that she doesn't have her case barred by the statute of limitations. The lawyer may have better luck getting the car owner to respond than your daughter and if the lawyer doesn't, then a lawsuit will need to be filed against the driver and car owner. The lawyer might also hire a private investigator to see if the car owner or driver has insurance or if there are assets that might be recovered.

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