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Kelly Giraudo

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  • Possible rulings for non payment of GAL fees in a custody case.

    I have an open case to change residential custody. My ex has not paid her GAL fees that were court ordered from a previous filing where the GAL favored me. The new case was split legal fees and she still refuses to pay past or current fees. The ju...

    Kelly’s Answer

    The Court will take into consideration several factors with regard to your open custody case, and the GAL's opinion/recommendation is just one thing for him/her to consider. The court will focus mainly on the best interest factors, and if your GAL's filing addresses those factors, it will definitely be helpful to the judge in making his/her final ruling. The judge has room to consider "other factors" outside of the best interest factors, and non-compliance with a court order can potentially be considered; however, it will only be one factor among many.

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