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Dmitry N Feofanov

About Dmitry Feofanov

About me

This Mad Rhino charges evil car dealers (and only slightly less evil car manufacturers) for fun and profit.  If your new car has a recurring problem (3 more more repairs)--call me.  If you bought a used car and you think a car dealer lied to you--call me.  I am familiar with the following areas of law (some might even call me an expert):  warranty law, consumer fraud law, odometer law, Truth In Lending, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.  If you bought a used car, chances are at least half a dozen of consumer protection laws were broken.  My clients do not pay me for my work, they only pay filing fees and third-party costs.  If you are looking for a lemon law lawyer, obviously you have a car problem.  I am sorry it happened, but life goes on, and, with a bit of luck, perhaps we would be able to turn the tables on the evildoers.  Ready!  Charge!!!

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