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Alexander Mchenry Memmen

Alexander Memmen’s Legal Guides

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  • How to File a Small-Claims Suit in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago)

    In Cook County, small claims cases are for cases involving less than $10,000.00. Slightly different rules apply to small claims cases, so would be wise to check out the rules for small claims cases. The rules in small claims cases make the process (usually) faster than a regular case.

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  • Questions to ask your personal injury lawyer

    Consulting with a lawyer is always a good idea if you have a legal question. In particular, if you've been injured, a lawyer may be very helpful. It's also helpful to ask the right questions. Here are some that you may want to ask when you see a lawyer for the first time.

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  • Foreclosure: Know Your Rights and Protect Yourself

    In the current economy, many homeowners are facing foreclosure. If youve receive a summons in the mail, you may lose your home. Dont panic! If you take the right steps, you can slow the process down dramatically and possibly even keep your home. The first thing to remember is ...

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  • How to Handle a Car Accident

    Take Stock in Yourself Be sure to pay close attention to how you feel after the accident. A car accident is a sudden and dramatic event and you likely will be in a state of shock. Take a deep breat

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  • Answering a Lawsuit

    So, youve been sued!? Maybe you owe someone money. Maybe you were in a car accident. Maybe you didnt do anything at all. In any case, youre now a Defendant and you need to protect your rights. If you dont remember anything else, I want you to remember two things: 1) See a lawyer....

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