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Matthew Aaron Katz

Matthew Katz’s Answers

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  • To expedite an I-601 waiver process what do they accept as extreme medical condition or medical emergency?

    I am a US citizen waiting in mexico with my Husband whom I am petitioning and we have 4 children us citizens, our 2yr was diagones with hearing loss in both ears in december before leaving the US is this consider extreme med condition as he is de...

    Matthew’s Answer

    Ciudad Juarez notes the following criterias in determining whether to expedite the processing of the I-601 waiver:

    1. The applicant has urgent, critical medical needs that cannot be addressed
    in the applicant’s country;
    2. An applicant’s family member in the U.S. has a life-threatening medical
    condition and has immediate needs related to that condition for the applicant to
    assist the family member in the U.S.;
    3. Urgent circumstances related to the death or terminal illness of a family
    4. The applicant or qualifying family member is a particularly vulnerable
    individual due to age or disability;
    5. The applicant is at risk of serious harm due to personal circumstances
    distinct from the general safety conditions of those living in the applicant’s
    country; or
    6. It would be in the national interest of the United States to have the
    applicant in the United States (for example the applicant’s presence in the
    United States is urgently required for work with a U.S. government entity).

    Requests for expedited processing must include sufficient evidence to support
    the claimed need for such processing or an explanation as to why such evidence
    is notavailable. For example, if the request is based on an urgent,
    life-threatening medical condition, the applicant should provide a medical
    report. If the request is based on urgent need by a U.S. government entity to
    have the applicant in the U.S., a letter from the entity supporting the expedite
    request should be provided.

    They also note that if a response to your request to expedite is not received
    within 15 days from the date of notice of receipt of the request, their request
    to expedite may be presumed to be denied. The expedite requests are to be emailed
    to or sent via USPS to USCIS PO Box 9896 El Paso, TZ 7995.

    Normally, they are looking at whether the applicant or qualifying relative requires the matter to be expedited. I think the medical hardship to the children certainly helps in their overall assessment of medical hardship but may not be a sole determining factor. It also helps to show that the qualifying relative, you the wife, will suffer medical hardship if her children cannot obtain adequalt medical care

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  • I received a letter stating my husband's I-601 waiver was approved. Does he need to make an appt.? What do I do next?

    I have called the numbers for the consulate in Juarez Mexico but I can't get through. I got the numbers from their web site. The approval letter just says for inquiries about the visa to contact the consulate because the consulate has been notifie...

    Matthew’s Answer

    Normally, after you receive a letter stating that an I-601 waiver has been approved, Ciudad Juarez will mail a DHL packet to him wherever he has designated with the documents that he needs to cross the border lawfully. His permanent resident card will be sent to him within a few weeks. However, if his waiver was pending over a year, he will need to have a re-interview at Ciudad Juarez in relation to his immigrant visa application at which point he will have to submit an updated DS 230 part I, II and affidavit of support. If everything goes smoothly here, at that point he would be provided the documents necessary to legally cross the border. Ciudad Juarez is normally not too responsive to phone calls. Attorneys have an email address at whcih to contact the consulate and they are usually very receptive and respond quickly. There is now a website that allows you to schedule visa interviews and the waiver appointments: They are no longer doing this through the 1-900 numbers used previously.

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