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Steven Richard Hunter

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  • Satisfied and happy client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Juan

    Steven, is an attorney who guided me and told me upfront the pros and cons when ever something arise. When ever the prosecutor came up with a deal he updated me right away and broke down the deal for me to understand better. We took longer then usual but he never looked for a way to finish it fast without the interest of me (his client for more then a year). In my experience I can honestly say he will fight for the best interest in his clients and will guide you all the way till the final phase and you will never feel blind folded during the process. I can not say enough good things about this attorney but I am happy I hired Steven hunter to tackle my case. I was proven innocent with his hard work and his knowledge to tackle it upfront

    Hired attorney
  • Always off-schedule

    2.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Steve R. Hunter was hired.

    The following indicate Steve R. Hunters weaknesses.

    Steve R. Hunter was not punctual.

    Steve R. Hunter did not did not represent me properly.

    Steve R. Hunter is very expensive. Therefore you would expect for the attourney to get to court on time.

    During the consultation he made me feel confident that i was gonna get justice. After a year that confidence drained.

    Steve R. Hunter started off strong but plumited when the case got cold even after i provided plenty of evidence.

    Would not recommend. Attourney needs to work on the following.
    -Be on time
    -Start Strong, End Strong
    -Use resources wisely.

    Hired attorney
    Steven Richard Hunter’s response: “We're sorry you had a bad experience with our firm. This matter does not sound familiar, and we strive for the utmost client satisfaction in every case. Please contact me directly to discuss your specific concerns.”
  • Saved me from getting Deported due to a Possible Domestic Violence Conviction - Cook County, Chicago

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was charged with Domestic Battery - 720 ILCS 5/12-5(a)(1)(Bodily Harm - Class A Misdemeanor) which is a Deportable Crime for anyone who is not a US Citizen. As a Green Card holder it was a matter of Ruining my Entire Career, and Life of me and my Family due to Very Likely Deportation which would've made me Inadmissible to USA for rest of my life.

    I was Extremely Worried and didn't want to take any chance, so I've consulted some of the Chicago's Avvo Top Rated Criminal Defense Attorneys. Among all of them, I've found Mr. Steven Hunter - Highly Experienced (27 Years-and that too in a Big City like Chicago), Very Aggressive, Highly Knowledgeable, Very Straightforward and Most Important - Very Honest. Yes, Honesty is rare these days, but from my very First Meeting with him, I've found Mr. Hunter Very Honest in his Opinion and Very Reasonable and Transparent in his Flat Fee Structure. Even after knowing the possible Deportation Consequences, he didn't take Advantage of my Situation and quoted a Very Reasonable Flat Fee with a Clear Cut Clarification of When he may have to Charge me Extra and Exactly Why. However, my case didn't reach to that point so he Didn't have to Charge me Extra. On top of that, he made some Suggestions which saved me from Extra Expenses.

    Rather than Scaring me more, he has made me feel Relaxed and given Very Honest Opinion and Suggestions. He explained me how Domestic Battery cases work and what were my Available Options. He Explained me in Detail how a Trial Process will happen, and Formulated a Detailed Questionnaire for both me and my Witness, and prepared us Very Well for the Trial. My Goal was to Prove myself Not Guilty and Mr. Hunter has Meticulously prepared my case to Achieve that Goal.

    I was very confused about whether to go for a Jury Trial or a Bench Trial. But Mr. Hunter has Spot On knowledge of when to go for a Jury Trial and when to go for a Bench Trial. Based on my case details, he Suggested me to go for a Bench Trial and the Final Outcome of the case has Proved he was Totally Correct. Due to his Extensive Trial Experience with Chicago Courts, he has a Very Good Understanding of how Judges and State Attorneys may behave on a Specific Case.

    On the Day of Trial, I was pretty Stressed but he had a Positive Conversation with me and made me feel Relaxed and Fully Prepared for the Trial. His Opening Statement was Very Well Thought and Pretty Effective. The way he has Smartly and Aggressively Cross-Examined the Complaining Witness and other Witnesses, has revealed their Lies and made our Defense more Stronger. He didn't give any Chance to the State Attorney for an Effective Counter Attack, and made the State Attorney Struggle to Prove me Guilty. His Closing Statement was also Very Well Thought and Pretty Effective. Finally, after a long 3 Hour Trial, the Judge has given a Verdict of Not Guilty. I had Tears in my Eyes as Mr. Hunter has Saved me from the Most Critical Crisis of My Life so far. Me and My Family will Never Forget what he did for us.

    Mr. Hunter is Undoubtedly the BEST Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago. If you are Charged or Arrested for any Criminal Matter (and Especially if you are not a US Citizen), I would Highly Recommend Hiring Mr. Steven Hunter or at-least having a 30 Minutes Free Consultation with him, so you can see the Difference between Him and Other Criminal Defense Attorneys.

    Hired attorney
  • High Recommend Steven Richard Hunter

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was charged with criminal trespassing and Steven Hunter helped me through the entire court process. He was confident in his abilities and efficient and helped inform me of the process. I highly recommend him and trust him very much. He is pro in his field and he knows the court system very well. I would definitely use him again.

  • Domestic Violence - Chicago

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Naren

    I was slapped with charges of domestic battery and restraining order by my wife. Given my immigration situation (I am on work visa), I was more worried about outcome of case. Initial attorney whom I had hired was not a good and I was lost couple of motions in the court. I was looking for experienced attorney to prove myself not guilty. After consulting half a dozen attorneys I met Mr. Hunter and thought he was the best person to help me out of given situation.
    During first meeting itself Mr. Hunter made me feel at ease. He explained me how such cases work and what my options were and how a trial process will happen. He formulated a detailed questionnaire and prepared me well for the trial date.
    My case extended for 8 months due to delay in preparation by states attorney. Mr Hunter was very patient and never charged me extra for his court appearances.
    On trial day:
    Mr. Hunter’s predictions about how police witness and opposing counsel will behave were spot on. He had worked well on my case and due to this his opening statement and closing statement had lot of impacts. His cross examination of victim and police officers founds lot of holes in victim and police officers statement, which made my case really strong. Given that jury panel included 8 women and 5 men, they gave verdict of Not guilty in less than 10 minutes.
    Mr Hunter is the best man in town if you are in trouble.

  • Domestic Violence - Northshore - Skokie Court

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    You're making a mistake if you don't retain Steven.

    I am totally blown away by his clam, understated demeanor. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from him - the reviews were good, but this was the first time I'd ever been arrested so I really didn't know how to evaluate a attorney. He was like a experienced professor in the court room and took care of every aspect of the trial on order to achieve a successful outcome. The entire interaction between Steven, the judge and the States defense was so fast that I was pretty much lost -- after two minutes I followed Steven out of the court expecting to called back later and he had to explain to me that they had just dropped the case!!!!! A true veteran professional!

    I was arrested for domestic violence when my wife called the police in the heat of the moment during a stupid argument. She immediately wanted to drop the charges, but once I was in the system, the trial took on a form of its own and every aspect of the court system was aimed at getting a conviction. The States Attorney takes over the prosecution and my wife is considered the victim -- she couldn't drop the charges.

    I interviewed many attorneys before selecting Steven and many of them seemed competent but his desire to thoroughly understand what had happened and carefully prepare his approach for the trial made all the difference (actually I don't think any other attorney even wanted to meet me before the preliminary hearing -- and Steven had the charges dropped during this hearing). He also canceled another appointment to be at my hearing.

    I can't sing his praises enough! I can't guarantee a successful for you, but I am confident that you won't get a better defense attorney than Steven!

    P.S. Steven was based in Chicago and my trial was in Skokie. I was a little concerned that Steven wasn't based locally in the North Shore, but he had all the right connections and had a rapport with the judge and other attorney -- seriously outstanding!

  • Gave me back my life!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    As you are looking through this site; I want to assure you that you are in the right place. I never thought I would need a Criminal Defense Attorney, but there I was,...charged with a crime. It was terrifiying and I didn’t know where to go. Luckily for me I stumbled upon Stephan R Hunter; and fortunately I read a great review that led me to choose this wonderful counsel. Now I am compelled to ‘pay it forward’. Steven’s gentle, soft- spoken and unassuming manner made me feel at ease immediately, and his non-judgmental , confident demeanor gave me hope that things would be OK.
    At the trial Steven focused like a laser beam to the core issue; though the other side hurled endless falsehoods and distortions. In the end he annihilated the opposition and won my case. Now I can return to my normal life again. If I ever need a CDA, I would not hesitate to call on Steven R. Hunter, but I sure hope I don’t ever have to again.

  • Fantastic Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Attorney Steven Hunter is professional, knowledgeable, and a great strategist. He has a thorough understanding of the courts and the presiding judges. I would recommend him to anyone who is facing trial and in need of a quality attorney.

  • Professional, knowledgeable, polite and a good listener.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Atty. Steven Hunter is professional, knowledgeable and listened well during my consultation. He laid all the possibilities for my case. I consulted 2 more lawyers before contacting him. He listened well and answered all my questions with a very calm and comforting manner. One thing that catch my attention is he never interrupted me even if I may have mixed up informations. I strongly recommend him and his track record and experience backs it all.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mrs. Cox

    Steven Hunter is an excellent criminal defense attorney, he is just simply amazing.

    My eighteen year old son was charged with Criminal Sexual Abuse, facing a misdeanor & 3 felony accounts...what a totally nightmare for our entire family.

    My husband & I decided to seek legal representation. After browsing through numerous lawyer's websites, asking friends & family members for references, and making a few phone calls; we decided to hired Steven Hunter to represent our son.

    I stopped into his office where he, in full detail, explained to me everything I needed to know about my son's situation and all the possible outcomes...what needed to be done in order to put this in the past.

    When I walked out of Mr. Hunter's office that day knowing my son's next court was in one week; I had already felt like a ton of weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was assured &100% confident that Mr. Hunter was going to do all that he could to get my son the best possible outcome and that's exactly what happened.

    After my son's plimenary hearing, the judge found no probable cause... which meant my son was released with no trial, no plea, and most importantly no record. It went from potential prison time & becoming a life long sex offender, to a blemish on my son's record that could have ruined his entire, not even a violation.

    I must say, we were very impressed with the services that Mr. Hunter provided...our phone calls were always answered or returned in a very timely manner. Mr. Hunter gave us his full attention and treated my son's case as a top priority; he never gave the impression that we didn't have his full attention.

    Steven Hunter is well experienced, highly intelligent, very smart, and won't settle for anything less than our objective.

    Mr. Hunter rates are reasonable, I/we were never put under any pressure to accept his service or make immediate payment. He calmly and collectively explained everything to me & didn't once make me feel already committed. In fact, he actually told me to go home and think it over before we initially hired him (I referred to myself, because my husband wasn't able to attend the initial office visit due to his work schedule) .

    Thanks to Steven Hunter, my family & I are able to go about our normal lives without having this incident interfere with our personal or professional lives..

    If you're ever in an unfortunate situation like we were, I highly recommend Steven Hunter. I can not guarantee you that you will have the same outcome we had; as every case is unique, but I can assure you that Steven Hunter is going to do everything possible to work at achieving the best possible result and represent you in the most honest and professional manner.