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  • Will i require

    I have an F2 stamp. I would like to apply for a B1 after expiration of my F2, will i require a one-one interview at the embassy or simply a drop box application due to the fact that have once had stamp before? Thank you.

    Alexander’s Answer

    One does not mean you will get another. Besides, the chances of getting a visitor's-2 visa after your F2 are severely limited.

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  • When is it okay to start traveling with a U-VIsa? Can I go abroad for a study program and return?

    I am currently in the US as a U visa holder. However, I got admission to a university for a PhD research program abroad. I am skeptical I may not be able to get a visit visa because of my lack of permanent residence in the US yet. I am also ske...

    Alexander’s Answer

    You are correct. Having a U visa in the States does not mean you may legally return to the United States without a proper authorization. I strongly recommend procuring your LPR status and then after that embarking on your studies abroad.

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  • I wrongly stated my working peroid in my relationship letter for I129F petition. If embassy ask me police clearance how to do ?

    Can i explain with sound prove ?

    Alexander’s Answer

    Please review the exact application you have submitted the US Consulate carefully. IF you perceive any omissions or misstatements, promptly submit a corrected update in writing or do so at the time of the interview.
    In terms of clearance letters, provide what the Consulate requests.

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  • Can i marry my mother's Sister daughter daughter which is my aunt granddaughter in las vegas nevada

    We fell in love and want to get married to bring her to america and file immigration papers i129f for fiancé visas

    Alexander’s Answer

    That sounds like a roundabout way to marry to a foreign national relative for the sole purpose of making them eligible for immigration benefits in the U.S.
    I do not recommend that route.

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  • Do I have to sign my N-445 in front of the officer?


    Alexander’s Answer

    1. Receive a
    ceremony date
    If USCIS approves your
    application for naturalization,
    you must attend a ceremony and
    take the Oath of Allegiance to
    the United States. USCIS will
    notify you by mail of the time
    and date of your ceremony.
    The notice USCIS sends
    you is called the “Notice of
    Naturalization Oath Ceremony”
    (Form N-445). In some cases,
    USCIS may give you the option
    to take the oath on the same day
    as your interview.
    If you arrange to take a “sameday”
    oath, USCIS will ask you
    to come back to the office later
    that day. At this time, you will
    take the oath and receive your
    Certificate of Naturalization.
    2. Check in at
    the ceremony
    When you arrive at the
    ceremony, you will be asked
    to check in with USCIS. You
    should arrive at least 30 minutes
    before your scheduled ceremony.
    Remember that there are often
    many other people being
    naturalized with you who must
    also be checked in with USCIS.
    If you cannot attend the
    ceremony on the day you are
    scheduled, you should return
    the USCIS notice (Form N-445)
    to your local USCIS office.
    You should include a letter
    explaining why you cannot be at
    the ceremony and asking USCIS
    to reschedule you.
    From the USCIS Instructions

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  • If I get married with my boyfriend on a B1/B2 visa, is there anyway to remain in the states until papers go through?

    I got here to the states on a B1/B2 visa in the beginning of July, my I-94 is due on January 2017. I come and go often and visit friends and my boyfriend who is a Permanent Resident (not citizen). This year while visiting my BF stated he would lik...

    Alexander’s Answer

    There is no legal way to adjust the status to your future LPR spouse (provided you do get married in the US) without you leaving the U.S. for subsequent Consular Processing which may take up to a year.
    I suggest you meet with a locally established immigration counsel to develop a legally accurate plan for your future.

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  • F-1 reinstatement

    I am a student on an F-1 visa. I got offer for an internship ans started working with DSO approval. Unfortunately, my CPT end date in the I-20 did not match the end date mentioned in the offer letter due to the mistake from my academic advisor who...

    Alexander’s Answer

    No one could gauge chances of any legal action where the decision is made by other entities, the USCIS in this case. Also, you are correct in your reasoning that a competent counsel may submit and draft a more legally accurate submission than a person without requisite legal training.

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  • How to provide residence proof when temporarily staying with friend and without being on the lease?

    Hello, My spouse is on H4. He got an admission into a school in California and he really wants to do his masters. So he started taking classes there by travelling to and from Utah every 15 days. We recently applied for F1 and received an RFE to p...

    Alexander’s Answer

    One may furnish sworn Affidavits by at least two people with direct knowledge however, a sign of the RFE received indicates that the case has developed a wrinkle.
    Have you considered retaining a good attorney?

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  • How many days it takes to get EAD card if L2 visa extension I-539 & EAD renewal filed on same day at California Service Centre?

    I filled L2 visa extension and EAD renewal on same day on 07-Apr-2016 at California Centre.How many days it will take to get EAD card once I will get my I-539 approval?

    Alexander’s Answer

    Generally the USCIS strives to process EADs efficiently with a target date around 90 days, yet how long it takes in each separate case varies for a number of reasons beyond one's control.

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  • Regarding f1 and h1b

    I had applied for f1 and status is still pending. Status shows "Case Received". I applied for h1b and my name got picked in lottery this year. As f1 is pending , so hope it will not effect h1b. As decision is not taken by USCIS on f1.

    Alexander’s Answer

    Both submissions may be considered separately, however, their respective decisions will be made on merits.

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