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  • What if I got a seatbelt ticket in IL, but the officer put down incorrect Make, Model, Year, Color, and License Plate #?

    Like it says in the question, incorrect info on the ticket..should I even bother with it or go get it dismissed?

    Stephen’s Answer

    If all that information is completely wrong, you've got s decent shot at dismissal of the ticket IF you know what you're doing.

    Either spend $ on a lawyer or pay the fine. I'd guess if you DIY the state will ask to amend.

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  • I got caught with marijuana but didn't get arrested

    A couple buddies of mine and I were walking down the street and a cop pulled up to us and said he got a call of 3 people trying to break into a truck and a trailer. He scanned our id's and said they were good and then asked if he could search us. ...

    Stephen’s Answer

    "Probably" not. But no guarantees you won't be charged. Unlikely though.

    A few things you should know for the future.

    First, tell your friends to NEVER allow a search of their belongings. Period.

    Second, NEVER admit to crimes or potential crimes on a public forum, as you have done here. Simply do not post key details about any of this. Perhaps phrasing it as "hypothetical" or "for a friend" is a safer way to ask the question next time. If you can, try to take this post down. Authorities CAN use online sources as evidence (Facebook, Twitter, Avvo etc.).

    Third, if you do get police to come to your house, DO NOT TALK to them or allow them in. Force them to get a warrant. Then, immediately call a lawyer. If you ever do get arrested for anything, NEVER talk, and always call a lawyer.

    Just some things to help you in the future.

    Oh, and probably carrying around a mobile head shop is a generally bad idea. Might want to avoid doing so in the future.

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  • Will paying my ticket fee for a drinking citation erase it off my record or should I try to appeal in court because it is minor?

    I was walking home from a party and my friend I was with had an open case of beer but he was 21. We got stopped by the police and I was asked if I had anything to drink tonight so I said yes I had 2 beers at my friends apartment but none on the wa...

    Stephen’s Answer

    You do not appeal something that has not yet occurred. I think you mean contest, rather than appeal. It is likely a municipal ordinance violation, in which case it will show up on your record, but likely not nearly as serious as a state law violation will. Don't trust the police officer; his word is worth what you paid for it--nothing.

    If you want to "do this right," and not potentially get something on your record that you will be stuck with, you should call up a lawyer in Normal. This is a cottage industry in college towns, so you should be able to find several options for relatively cheap.

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  • Where can i find out which type of warrant was issued?

    The shoplifting situation happened in Chicago, IL 10 years ago. I do not remember the name of the court where i failed to appear. As i am currently residing outside the US, i am begging for your help as i need to solve this situation to get the visa.

    Stephen’s Answer

    A lawyer can help you, or you can call the court clerk.

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  • If a petitioner puts on a op that they will do something and fail to do that does it go against yhem

    My wife the petitioner of my opinion was to be here with police august 27th at 1 to search my home for her belongingso but she never showed

    Stephen’s Answer

    I have no clue what you're asking. Rephrase it. Sounds like you should retain criminal counsel.

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  • I was involved in a car accident.Do i need an attorney?

    I was driving home on the expressway with my family,Suddenly from the corner of my eye i see a suv coming towards me.the suv hit me & made my car spin a few times.i was rushed to the E.R along with my family.we were all released a few hours later....

    Stephen’s Answer

    Medical treatment

    YES. You need a personal injury lawyer if you expect fair compensation.

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  • Legal action against USPS

    When is enough enough? I have multiple complaints and pictures as to how our mail is being delivered. I was told once again it will not happen. What if it does?

    Stephen’s Answer

    Agree that working your way up the chain is the only option. Legal action, if even possible, would be pointless.

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  • Parking Violations Schedule of Fines illinois

    Is it legal for a Illinois city to raise a 25.00 fine 100% after 10 day and 400% after 20 days?

    Stephen’s Answer

    Yes. That gets people to pay them sooner or later.

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  • Fell at CVS - Do I have a personal injury case?

    I was walking past the frozen food section at CVS on Sunday (8/28/16) when I slipped and fell. There was no sign and the floor was very wet. I immediately told the manager and filed a report with the store. She said someone just delivered ice so t...

    Stephen’s Answer

    You should get medical treatment and contact a lawyer. There may be a case.

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  • It says 30 Interrogatories are allowed in Illinois but does that mean 30 questions or 30 separate sets of questions?

    The statue says 30 but it makes the assumption you know if its talking questions or sets. Just looking for clarification on how many are allowed by the other side to ask - 30 total questions or 30 sets. Thank you

    Stephen’s Answer

    Should be 39 including subparts. But even the Syste Supreme Court standard interrogatories deviate from that.
    If you have a motor vehicle or domestic relations case, use the standard forms.

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