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  • My employer wants me to give the HR lady the workmen's comp papers but doesn't that violate hippa medical privacy laws ?

    Because the papers require all kinds of medical information.

    Stephen’s Answer

    Not for what you describe.
    Employer needs to know you're off work per Doctor order or you won't be paid TTD.
    Better talk to a lawyer. You'll run into more challenges tha this.

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  • 3 city sticker ticket

    The car that i drive is company car and car registered to suburb of chicago. But i live in chicago and i have 3 city sticker ticket at different times.I went to court last but i was told i need lawyer for these tickets cuz car is company 's car. ...

    Stephen’s Answer

    You should talk to your company about this. They should obtain the necessary sticker for your.

    As to the tickets, you should try handling it yourself and explaining the situation. Many municipalities require stickers. But you are better off with a lawyer.

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  • If my car was towed while my boyfriend was driving with no license, what are my options?

    My boyfriend has a suspended license and was driving my car while I was at work. He was pulled over for no seatbelt and was given a ticket for driving on suspended, no seatbelt, no insurance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The cop wrote his...

    Stephen’s Answer

    Many things to discuss here.

    Start with hire a traffic attorney immediately. You will need someone who understands what needs to be done to (hopefully) get your car out of seizure. You don't want to go alone, as I fear you would make admissions that could jeopardize that prospect. Hire a lawyer. Now. And stop posting things online or on social media about this.

    Second thing is, while I'm not telling you how to run your life, get rid of this "boyfriend." Immediately. You are working hard and this guy takes your car while intoxicated and gets arrested and the car taken away, possibly forever. Had he run down a family and killed them, guess who would have been sued? Now, if you knew he was using drugs and/or that he might drive drunk and/or that he did not have a valid license, you have to blame yourself for allowing this person not only into your life but to allow him access to your car. This has train wreck written all over it. Get out. Get rid of him. He's going to cost you some money and aggravation already, and it could have been far worse.

    I hope you take this as non-legal advice from someone who has dabbled in life for over 50 years and been an attorney for over 26. I have seen a lot of bad decisions. I've certainly made many myself. When I see a story like this, I need to say my piece. Please don't be offended. But often when we are in the midst of a situation, we fail to see obvious signs of an unequal or potentially dangerous situation.

    Good luck.

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  • Was fired on the point system,lost all 3 hearings,union doesn't want to arbitrate,should i get a lawyer, and what kind?

    I had doctors statements for some days ,late due to transportation, on others

    Stephen’s Answer

    The question is not whether you should speak to an employment attorney, it is why you went through three hearings before you decided it might be a good idea.

    Of course it can never hurt to talk to a lawyer. But there are time limits in your contract and statutorily that could have already elapsed. Talk to a lawyer immediately to see if there is anything that can be done.

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  • Does an attorney have some responsibility to his clients? What now? I know reaching out to judge puts my case in jeopardy..

    I am 54 year old female who filled for SS, I had a great career I loved. I broke my back. I hired a very prominent attorney however I notice things change, deadlines missed which forced us into a hearing. I put myself on witness list because that ...

    Stephen’s Answer

    First, talk to another lawyer to see if these errors can be rectified.

    If not, you may have a legal malpractice case.

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  • What if I were staying at a hotel and the stairs going up literally have huge holes in the concrete and i just injured myself.

    Fell in staircase concrete hole at night and have wrist and knee injury.

    Stephen’s Answer

    You may have a case, but the first thing you need to do is get medical treatment immediately.
    If you reported this to the hotel at the scene, great. If not, talk to a lawyer first.
    Take photos of the stairs.
    Call a personal injury lawyer ASAP and do NOT give a statement to anyone.

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  • How do you know if immigration has been called on a no license violation

    My fiance was pulled over and given tickets for no license and no insurance they processed him but the released him he has to appear in court is there a chance for him to be deported

    Stephen’s Answer

    I would find it unlikely a no license violation would lead to deportation.

    Your fiancé must talk to a traffic lawyer ASAP.

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  • Can I get my car back if it was impounded for suspended license ?

    On Jully 15 2016 i waas pulled Over for expired plates because original car title was lost and was unable to register it police officer discovery my license was suspended only up until August 21 2016 they found no narcotics haven't had any dui bu...

    Stephen’s Answer

    You should really talk to a lawyer about this.

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  • If I loose a motion for summary judgment on liability is for all intensive purposes the case over?

    I am the defendant and the plaintiff brought a motion for summary judgment against me on liability. If He wins is the case pretty much over and all he has to do is prove up damages? If that is the case what is the time frame before final judgment.

    Stephen’s Answer

    No. You can still challenge his damages are reasonable and causally related to your negligence.

    Probably should've had a lawyer already.

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  • Am I able to plead no contest in Skokie, IL for a ticket issued due to Failure to Yield while turning left?

    There was an accident w minor injuries. My insurance says they're taking care of the payment for the car repair and minor injuries to the passenger, but I want to avoid any type of civil suit in the future.

    Stephen’s Answer

    Do not plead guilty or otherwise admit fault. Go to trial to avoid this.

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