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Stephen Laurence Hoffman

About Stephen Hoffman

About me

I am an avid athlete, who, prior to many injuries, competed in running road races as well as cycling and biathlon/triathlon races.  For many years, in my spare time, I taught as a Certified Spinning Instructor, hoping that my intensity and sense of humor will transfer to my students.  It's a great social outlet and a superb way to relieve stress and connect with people!  Now, I take my intensity out on the roads with my bike!



My life experiences are diverse and have included travel and even the experience of being a teacher in an impoverished area.


Additionally, I currently serve as the elected president of my condominium association.  I reside in the Ravenswood Manor neighborhood of Chicago with my wife and our dog, Islay, both of whom allow me to share space with them.

Photos and Videos

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