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Jennifer Shaw Huston

Jennifer Huston’s reviews

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  • A knowledgeable and dedicated attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jorge

    Jennifer’s knowledge and professionalism was an invaluable asset during my divorce. She expertly navigated me through the legal processes, giving me the confidence I needed to feel secure with Jennifer as my attorney. She consistently provided incredible legal service and advice focused on the end result. It was clear she had my best interests in mind.

    Her knowledge of the legalities involved in divorce lawsuits was one of the things I relied on most and which carried me through the divorce process. She was calm and confident throughout the whole process, which took a load of stress off my shoulders, as I knew I had a competent and knowledgeable attorney fighting for me. I was satisfied with the outcome of my divorce, all of which I owe to her expertise. Divorce is not a fun process, but Jennifer’s knowledge and attitude definitely makes it easier.

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  • A Dedicated and Very Professional Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ann

    I met Jennifer when going through the third round of litigation over custody and some other family law related issues with my son’s father. From our first meeting when she reviewed my files from the previous lawsuits it was clear that she was able to quickly assess the reality of the situation and she understood the unfortunate harassing nature of the litigation in which I was involved.

    Throughout the course of the litigation Jennifer consistently remained calm and focused on the desired outcome. She maintained the attitude that she was working for results that would be in the best interest of my son. She was well informed about and connected with the family law community in Chicago, and was instrumental in helping me select a great child representative for my son.

    She was able to navigate her way through our complex and complicated legal history and make working sense of it. I felt confident with her representation and she never faltered in her focus and determination for a fair resolution for my situation. After the other side’s many failed attempts to try to discredit us, Jennifer’s calm and persistent strategies paid off and the other side finally had to concede that their claims were invalid and they retreated in defeat. In the past, other attorneys have worked through a couple of retainers and then would ultimately convince me to throw in the towel, leaving me in a worse situation each time. Jennifer never let me feel like this was an option.

    Jennifer’s reliable and helpful representation did more for my son and me than just end the string of harassing and disruptive lawsuits. Her help gave us back some sense of peace in our lives.

    When I hear someone talking about family law related problems I share about my positive experience of having had Jennifer as my attorney and I don't hesitate to recommend her to others.

    Jennifer brought some serenity to one of the stormiest periods of our lives, and I feel so grateful that she was there to help us go through that time with some confidence and grace.

  • An impeccable character who cares about her client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Timothy

    When you think of lawyers, as an average consumer, there are usually negative thoughts associated with them, but I am hear to tell you all that I will never again think those thoughts again because Jennifer has completely changed my perception based on how she handled my divorce case.

    I was going through a situation whereby I had to represent myself (pro se), and because my spouse and I did not agree on many issues it was slotted to go to trial. At this point I knew I needed to find someone, and quickly. When I hired Jennifer it was 20 months into the divorce and luckily there was already a custody order in place. Last thing left were the dreaded financials.

    From the start of my communication with Jennifer until the very end she kept me in the loop, advised me of her thoughts on the situation, and always gave me the best direction. She told me I was always the final decision maker and ultimately respected those decisions without any issues. Her communication skills never left me wondering what was going on and she always set expectations on when she would follow-up. On top of that, she never faltered on following-up on the dates she set with me.

    Her ability to stay calm and think through every situation, all-the-while telling me what would be best was approach, kept her at the highest level of standard in my book. I work in a challenging environment and can appreciate people who don't take things personally and can look at issues and attack them from every direction. Jennifer did all of this and more.

    Jennifer really went above and beyond when it came down to it. She investigated all the claims with a fine toothed comb and made an epic find that saved me tons of money, and it was the night before the trial. Her rates were uber-reasonable in comparison to many others.

    Let me conclude with the fact that she took everything that had transpired up until the point she came on, digested it, and made a bad situation 100x better. I am forever thankful and grateful for her and her character. I will tell anyone who is in a similar boat to seek her as counsel because they will come out on top and with someone who cares about you and your outcome.