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Satkar v. Cook County Board of Review, et. al

Case Conclusion Date: 10.26.2012

Practice Area: Civil rights

Outcome: pending

Description: Business owners in Schaumburg who claim to have been had been deprived of a fair assessment of their property taxes could state a claim under the Federal Civil Rights Statute, and would therefore not be forced to seek justice in state court. Case gives hope to those who believe that decisions made by the Cook County Board of Review (and Boards of Review in other counties, for that matter) are made in an arbitrary manner, and lack fundamental justice. According to the Plaintiff's Amended Complaint, "Despite the lack of any evidence suggesting that the 2007 and 2008 assessments were overly high, the Board arbitrarily rescinded the reduction in property taxes that it itself granted close to one year prior, affecting the 2008 and 2009 appraisals of the Hotel, stating simply, "we can do anything we want." The Board's Commissioners, according to Plaintiff's Amended Complaint, are powerful members of the Cook County Democratic Party and exert political influence over the state's judiciary. "Joe Berrios, who was on the Board of Review when the decisions affecting my clients were made, is vice-chairman of the Cook County Democrat Party's judicial slating Committee. Larry Rogers is president of the Cook County Bar Association. Allowing this case to proceed in Federal Court provides insulation from the political realities of Cook County. That's exactly what the Klu Klux Klan Act, the Federal Civil Rights statute, intended to accomplish." Said lead attorney, R. Tamara de Silva.

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