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Surviving Relative's Law, Section 204 (l)

Case Conclusion Date: 04.25.2012

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Application for lawful permanet resident status was granted.

Description: U.S. citizen father died several years before the applicant's priority date was reached and before the Public Law allowing the humanitarian reinstatement of a deceased parent's petition took effect. Despite the fact that most of the siblings (except one) are legal residents of the U.S., and the permanent resident mother (who is sickly) is physically present here, USCIS denied the request for reinstatement. In December 2009, the Surviving Relative's Law took effect. Although there are no implementing regulations yet, we advised the client to file the application for adjustment of status. When he received the approval of his application for permanent residency today, he could not help but scream in joy to see the light and reach the end of a long, long tunnel.

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