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Matter of C G

Case Conclusion Date: 04.18.2012

Practice Area: Immigration

Outcome: Client's request for self petition was granted by USCIS and the Immigration Judge granted her application for adjustment of status. She is now a lawful permanent resident and we are working to have her reunited with her daughter who was left back home.

Description: This is a love story turned sour but, in the end, my client was the victor. U.S. citizen was such a nice person at the beginning. After one year, the couple decided to get married and horrible things happened thereafter. Coming from a culture where obedience to one's husband is emphasized and talking against one's husband is taboo prevented her from calling the authorities despite countless physical abuse. Husband sought to have her sent back by providing false information to immigration so that she sould be deemed to have committed marriage fraud. For this reason, her green card application was initially denied. She was placed in removal (deportation) proceedings and the government sought to deport her for marriage fraud. She found us through a church member. We pointed out to her that it is not wrong to tell the truth and come out in the open about the abuse. We helped her obtain credible evidence in support of the abuse. The self petition was granted, which we used to seek the Immigraton Judge to grant her permanent residency, after also proving that she did not engage in arriage fraud.

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