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Jessica C Bentz

Jessica Bentz’s Legal Guides

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  • Bankruptcy Vs. Debt Settlement

    Debt Settlement V.S. Bankruptcy You dont need to read the Newspaper or listen to the local news to know consumers are facing some of the worst financial challenges of their lives...just look around you. With rising medical costs, high unemployment rates and maturing interest onl...

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  • 4 Essential Tips: Improving Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

    4 Essential Tips Improving Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy: Increasing your credit score after filing for bankruptcy requires a strategy you can realistically follow. Smart financial decisions will pay off- here are just some of the ways you can get to a higher score quickly...

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  • Behind On Your Mortgage? Your Best Options

    If you, like most people, are struggling to make payments in a tough economy, contact your mortgage company to discuss options as soon as you start making the late payments. The less time you wait, the more paths are open to you.If you are unable to make payments, you're lender m...

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