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Jeffery Mark Leving

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  • Outstanding Service

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    The Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd., provided me with outstanding legal service and fought hard for my rights. They greatly helped me through a difficult situation and I would recommend them to anyone who wants an attorney that will have your back.

    Hired attorney
  • Great job done!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nikoleta

    I am extremely happy by the outcome of my divorce case! Jeffery Leving and his attorneys from the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving, Ltd. fought hard with me in court and they didn’t rest till I got what I want. Now, I am a free woman with sole custody of my daughter and I got what I wanted and deserved in court thanks to this incredible law firm! I recommend it to anyone who wants to win their fight in child custody, support and divorce!

    Hired attorney
  • Not what he says he is

    1.0 star

    Posted by Karen

    He told my husband In a consultation "he didn't have a leg to stand on" when it came to fighting for custody of his daughter (my step daughter) we went elsewhere and fought and won custody! If he's about fathers rights he sure didn't show it that day! No confidence whatsoever! Glad we didn't take his advice! I raised my stepdaughter for 10 years, her biological mother is still not in her life now! Thanks for nothing Jeffrey!

    Consulted attorney
  • Child Custody Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James Tafland


    I love being a dad, I have been very generous with my finances, and have been making regular child support payments of more than 20 percent of my net income since our daughter’s birth. After our daughter was born, I was only allowed to come over and visit for an hour or so whenever it was convenient for the mother and the mother would often make excuses and tell me that it was not a good day for a visit. I was crushed, depressed, and heart broken by the severely restricted and limited visitation/parenting time.

    After reading Jeff’s book “Fathers Rights” I contacted the law offices of Jeffery M. Leving

    I was glad to finally find a law firm that truly cared about and appreciated my role as the father of this child.

    The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving took the time to listen to and understand my concerns and goals as a father. They truly recognized and appreciated my desire to maintain a significant presence in my daughter’s life.

    I was given the opportunity to meet Mr. Leving and briefly describe my case and thank him for all the hard work that he continues to do for fathers. Mr. Leving expressed sympathy for me and my situation and assured me that his law firm would work diligently for me. They did.

    The Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving made sure that I was educated and prepared for the highly emotional and frustrating battle a head of me.

    Below, are a few things that these other attorneys told me:
    1) Not to expect a court order for visitation for at least 60 days after filing my first petition.
    2) They are sorry, there is nothing that they can do, it’s not fair, and that is just the way the system works.
    3) It’s very difficult with a child this young.
    4) I am sorry you just lack the biology necessary to care for a child of this young age.
    5) I have handled hundreds and thousands of family law cases throughout my career and the outcomes for cases like yours are very typical with limited visitation especially with a child this young.

    My Initial Consultation with the Law Offices of Jeffery M. Leving was with a highly respectable and very experienced attorney Anthony (Tony) D’Agastino.
    During my initial consultation, Tony did the following:
    1) Listened to and wrote down every important detail of my lengthy story and concerns.
    2) Expressed sincere concern and even expressed sympathy for my situation and the events that I had already endured.
    3) Asked questions and made sure that he understood the details correctly.
    4) Clearly explained the law and what he would do to get me a court order for visitation/parenting time as soon as possible.
    5) Discussed my options as well as how he could use the law to address my concerns and achieve my goals. For example, he told me he would file a motion for an emergency hearing to establish visitation/parenting time as soon as possible. – none of the other attorneys I interviewed offered this.
    6)Listened to my goals and helped me clarify and establish clear achievable goals.

    My case was assigned to a senior attorney Lawrence (Larry) Rosen.
    As my attorney, Larry did the following:
    1)Continued to work closely with Tony and the rest of the firm to make sure that my concerns were addressed quickly and that my case was handled with upmost importance.
    2)Wrote a petition for parentage that addressed all of my goals and concerns and worked with me to make minor modifications and answered all my questions about the petition before filing it with the court.



  • Huge mistake $$$

    1.0 star

    Posted by Steve

    I retained Levings firm because I was scared of losing my daughter in my divorce. In the first month, they charged me $12,000 for 2 motions and my counter petition. They hired a PI and charged me $1200 for that. They advised me to install hidden cameras in my house (totally illegal). The spy guy they recommended I talk to, well that was no free call. The spy guy had Leving charge me $200 for the 45 minute call when the call was under the premise of ordering camera equipment. Every time you have contact with anybody recommended by Leving, you will be charged an incredible amount. The "strategy sessions" they bill you for mean they have 2 attorneys billing you at the same time. This happened multiple times according to my first month's bill. That's almost $1000/hr.

    When I received the first monthly bill and saw not only was my $6500 retainer gone but I owed them $5000 more, I immediately notified them that they were finished with my case. They then tried to charge me $4000 to substitute attorneys. They refused to respond to my new attorney's request for substitution. Leving's partner attorney actually drove up to the next county to do the substitution in front of then judge. This could have been done via fax and would have cost no more than $100. Even the judge was not happy about the old attorney refusing to substitute outside of court.


    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I should have realized that it was a bad idea when I paid $125 to meet with them but after meeting with one of their top lawyers I felt better. I had a very simple case but did not want to go at it alone since my wife had a lawyer. Since the case was so simple I was charged a $4,000 retainer and told that there was no way that we would come close to that. One week in and I was moved to a lower level lawyer in the firm. I had a problem with that because that's not who I paid to represent me but was told it would be ok because it was such a simple case. I went along with it. Two months in and nothing seemed to happen with my case. My wifes lawyer complained about not getting her calls returned and I realized it was happening to me as well. At the end of July I had a conversation with my lawyer over my concerns about finishing the case within the 4k retainer. He told me we were not even close to touching it. One week later I received a bill for 7k. He had gone through my retainer and charged me 7k on top of it. 11k for nothing. After weeks of complaining I finally fired them. They then tried to delay withdrawing with the hope of charging me more money. When they wrote up the motion to withdraw they stated that I breached the contract. When I told them to correct that they charged me office time to fix it. These people are a joke. I do not make a lot of money and ended up finishing the divorce by myself with the help of my wifes lawyer. The whole "fathers rights" message is a joke. I cant even listen to their radio ads without feeling sick. My only hope is that future clients will read this and other comments before considering them.

  • They call right back and charge accordingly

    1.0 star

    Posted by Todd

    Accepted my retainer and payments for unfinished filings and very little work. He really ended up with 3 court appearances that were each continued and then when I ran out of money he billed $14000 (lien on my house). I asked his office for updates on costs which took 2 months after retainer spent. He pressured me into waiving the 30 day notice to withdraw from case.

  • Very good firm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    I contacted Leving's firm last year after almost giving up on a terrible situation with my "X". It seems like if your a father you don't have any rights so why waste money on court, right? That's what I thought but I called Leving's firm and had the consultation. They went to court and I finally felt like I had a chance. It worked out and I got my support reduced and the time with my sons I was hoping for. We're going fishing this weekend. Last year at this time I was alone and never imagined I'd be writing this today. I'm really glad there are honest attorneys out there that will help fathers.

  • I Have My Children

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Happy Dad

    I was involved in a long custody case in which my the only reason my ex wanted the kids was to chase me for money. I went to a number of other attorneys in the Chicago area, but Mr. Leving seemed to be the best fit for my needs. There aren't a lot of lawyers who care for the rights of the father, and there's still this assumption that the mother is "the best caregiver." It isn't always true, and it's fantastic that I found this firm when I did to prove that.

  • Great service! They really care!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andy

    I'm glad I took the advice and hired Leving. They offered great service and the results are better than I expected (although I admit my expectations were not very high being a man). The attorney my case was assigned to was very understanding and ran circles around the other attorney in court. The other side was visibly shaken by my attorneys well prepared arguments. The ordeal is over but if I had to do this again (I hope I never do) but I'd call Levin in a minute. They really care!