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Haytham Faraj

About Haytham Faraj

About me

There are a lot of lawyers who know the law and are good lawyers.  

Unfortunately, there are very few great lawyers.  A great lawyer is someone who not only knows the law but also takes the time to listen to the client, understand the client's problem, develop a solution tailored to the client's needs and then deliver the solution to the client.  The solution may not always involve legal action.  Sometimes what the client needs is someone to listen and a word of advice.  

I pride myself on being a lawyer who takes the time to listen to my clients.  I do that because I learned that unless a lawyer learns to care about what the client is saying, a lawyer will not be effective in fashioning a good solution.   And by learning to care, I found that I have become a better lawyer and more effective in helping the people that seek me out to help them with their problems.  That often means that I am taking some legal action on behalf of my clients.  When I do that, I achieve my clients' objectives. I can proudly say that I have never let a client down.  But sometimes my help means that I am advising some non-legal solution.  Because my clients know that I genuinely care about them, they take my advice and value it.  


My track record of legal successes which includes dozends of jury trial victories along with my capacity to listen, care, fight when necessary, or offer a word advice, keeps clients coming back and referring others.



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