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Richard George Fonfrias

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  • Illegal aliens and bankruptcy...

    My fiancee is in a bind financially and thinking of filing for bankruptcy. He is an illegal alien who overstayed his visa. We are getting married at the end of the year and I was wondering if his bankruptcy could affect my ability to request his l...

    Richard’s Answer

    An illegal alien can file bankruptcy. But, you must have proper identification and documentation requested by the trustee in your case.

    Section 109 makes no mention of legal status as a requirement to be able to seek bankruptcy protection.

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  • If i die while in chapter 13 in illinois does my wife have to pay the credit card debts. debts are mine. bankruptcy is mine.

    filed myself only. all debts are my credit cards. house in my name only and is not in bankruptcy.

    Richard’s Answer

    I would like to know more facts. My email is: Generally when a spouse dies during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court has a hearing to see if the plan can complete, If the court finds that the plan cannot complete without the spouse, it may be converted or it could be dismissed.

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  • I am planning to go bankrupt,should I put my wife on the bankruptcy too?

    the properties and credit card are on my name. I am the primary account holder of the credit card, my wife has an extension card with her name on it. Can the creditors still go to my wife?

    Richard’s Answer

    This is an excellent question! If most of the debts are joint, you should file jointly. Please email me at if you have any more questions.


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