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  • What Damages Am I Entitiled to Claim In A Personal Injury Case

    Generally all provable damages are recoverable. Damages such as: Reasonable expenses for necessary medical treatment received; Wage loss; property damage; out of pocket expenses; disfigurement or any permanent condition suffered; pain and suffering; loss of normal life; reasona...

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  • Construction Accidents

    Chicago personal injury attorneys and lawyers at the Taradji Law Offices regularly represent those who have been victim of personal injury sustained in a construction site. Working on a construction site is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations in the country...

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  • Elder Abuse Cases

    Chicago personal injury and attorneys at Taradji Law Offices have counseled numerous individuals who have been victim of abuse during their old age. Over one million reports of elderly abuse occur each year in the United States. Due to the expansion of the elder population, this...

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  • Medical Malpractice Cases

    According to a study at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, around 90,000 people lose their lives annually in the hospital, owing to medical errors. This is just an estimated figure, and experts feel that the actual figure would be considerably high...

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  • Premises Liability Cases

    The Chicago personal injury attorneys and lawyers at Taradji Law Offices handle slip and falls, inadequate security, and dog bite cases throughout the Chicago, Illinois area. Premises liability is an area of law which deals with injuries that occur on another persons property...

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  • About Dog Bite Injuries and Cases

    An incredible amount of injuries each year in the United States are contributed to dog bites. Approximately 800,000 dog bite attacks occur each year in the US that require medical treatment. Children account for many of these dog bite victims. Each year, thousands of children...

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  • Personal Injury Cases

    The Chicago personal injury attorneys and lawyers at Taradji Law Offices represent individuals who have been the victim of personal injury resulting from car accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, dog bites, medical malpractice and any injuries resulting from dangerous a...

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