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Michael Wierzbicki

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  • I fell at chuck e cheese on 11/08/2014 the carpet was wet and i torn my knee ligament do i have a case

    I feel around closing time i let security kno that the carpet was wet and i think i messed my knee up i been to the hospital i was placed on pain meds and i had xrays done. I need help with this

    Michael’s Answer

    Investigation into the cause of the wet carpet is critical to evaluating and proving whether you have a case. In addition to showing the wet carpet presented a hazardous condition, to win, you/your attorneys will need to show notice of the condition either by showing: 1) that the substance was put there by an employee; or 2) that the condition of the floor existed for long enough that employees knew or should have known of the wet condition of the carpet. If possible get some pictures of the area - and see if there is anything in the surrounding area (like a leaky roof) that could have resulted in the wet carpet. Do speak to an attorney - personal injury attorneys generally will consult and evaluate your case for free. Do not speak to any insurance company representatives. Do see a physician and tell him/her about all of the physical areas that are bothering you since the incident. Do not fail to mention something because you think its getting better - let the doctor do his/her job. Follow the instructions of your physicians and follow-up as instructed. Finally, importantly, know that there are time limitations for filing a claim. Generally you have 2 years in Illinois to pursue a claim for premises liability against a non-government property owner.

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  • Can I sue a car dealership for neglegence?

    My car was in a wreck 4/09 a dealership was authorized to make repairs. The damages were over $11,000. The dealership had the car for two months because it was not fixed properly the first time. Part of the the repairs included replacing a brake h...

    Michael’s Answer

    The short answer is: Yes, if you have reason to believe the dealership was negligent, you can sue the dealership. Based on your post, the dealership may have failed to properly repair your brake system. Ultimately you would need to prove that the malfunction of the brakes was the result of something the dealership improperly did, or something it was supposed to do but failed to do. You should have the brake system inspected and document what went wrong. You should consult an attorney in your state as to possible other rights you might have. For example, if the dealer warrantied the work performed, you may simply make a claim under the warranty.

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