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Debra J Braselton

Debra Braselton’s Legal Guides

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  • Child Custody in Illinois

    Legal and Physical Custody in GeneralLegal custody is the right to make important long-term decisions affecting your children's welfare. Long-term decisions made by the parent with legal custody may include the children's education, religion, and non-emergency medical care. Physi...

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  • Want to Adopt? How to Begin the Process of Locating a Baby (Infant Adoption)

    Consult an experienced adoption attorney The beginning of the adoption process can be confusing and overwhelming. An experienced adoption attorney will be able to succinctly explain the applicable a

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  • 10 Things to Do if Divorce is Imminent

    Put Your Kids At the Top of Your Agenda As you realize that a divorce is imminent, you will undoubtedly spend lots of time researching, collecting documents, interviewing attorneys, etc. Even though

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  • Collaborative Divorce

    Learn about the differences between a collaborative divorce and a litigated divorce There are many resources available to those seeking information about Collaborative Divorce. Check your local libr

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