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Hebert v. Comair, Inc.

Case Conclusion Date: 12.07.2009

Practice Area: Aviation

Outcome: $7.1 million jury verdict for the plaintiff

Description: Following a four day jury trial which took place at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky at Lexington, an eight member jury returned a verdict of $7.1 million in favor of the family of a 39 year old who was killed in the Comair airplane crash at Blue Grass Airport in Kentucky. In the early morning hours of August 27, 2006, a Comair/Delta Connection regional jet attempted to take off on the wrong runway, one that was too short. The airplane ran off the end of the runway into the grass, hit a berm and after leaving the ground momentarily crashed through an airport perimeter gate then into a row of trees then slamming the ground plowing into more trees before coming to a rest in flames. Forty-seven passengers and two of the three crew members on board were all killed in the airplane crash. The copilot survived with severe injuries. All other passenger death cases were settled without a trial.

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