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David Joseph Kupets

David Kupets’s Legal Guides

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  • Personal Injury Guide: How Much Time Do I Have? Statute of Limitations Explained

    How much time do I have to resolve a claim? What is a Statute of Limitations? The statute of limitations is an amount of time that a victim has to make a proper claim for damages suffered. If the case is not settled or otherwise resolved in the designated time permitted then a ...

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  • Illinois Personal Injury Guide - Why do some cases settle and others do not?

    Statistically, approximately 95% of all cases are settled before verdict. There are, of course, exceptions to that general rule. In medical malpractice cases , for example the rule is flipped upside down and most do not settle. In nearly every personal injury case, the ultima...

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  • Illinois Personal Injury Guide - Overview

    Overview of a Personal Injury Case Personal injury cases for money damages are called civil cases. In Illinois, there are special rules, codes and statutes that govern civil cases. The person bringing a claim is called a plaintiff. The person or entity accused of wrongful conduct...

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