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12 CR 21533

Case Conclusion Date: 03.13.2013

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty

Description: My innocent 26 year old client, with NO criminal background, was charged with False Report of Vehicle Theft and Insurance Fraud, a Class 2 felony subjecting her to a possible 3-7 year prison sentence if found guilty. This case was assigned to a special prosecutor with the financial fraud unit and upon my request to dismiss the charges or even reduce them, refused, stating they had a solid case against my client. My client forgot where she parked her car, made a police report and then found her car 5 days later, after reporting the loss to her insurance company. She immediately contacted the police to advise them she found her vehicle and informed the insurance company as well, withdrawing her claim. Refusing the state's offer of probation, we went to trial and she was found NOT GUILTY!

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