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14 DV 70055

Case Conclusion Date: 03.14.2014

Practice Area: Criminal defense


Description: In this matter, my client was charged with domestic battery against his "landlord". He leased the basement area from a woman who owned the home. She decided to come into his living space without knocking or announcing herself while my client was visiting with his sister. Upon requesting that she leave immediately, the landlord refused and started a verbal altercation. In response, my client put his arm out to prevent her from entering into the area further. She then became combative and proceeded to hit my client twice. In order to restrain her from continuing to hit him, my client then grabbed her by the arms and removed her from the area and shut his door. She then called the police claiming he grabbed her and left bruises. The State offered to dismiss the charge and instead have him agree to an Order of Protection. I advised against this as an Order of Protection would result in a mark on his criminal background, and my client's background was clear, other than this arrest. We proceeded to trial and the judge found his story more believable than the victim's and he was found not guilty. Needless to say, another very happy client.

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