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Darryl A. Goldberg

Darryl Goldberg’s reviews

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  • My family and I are forever grateful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by DK

    Words cannot express how grateful I am to Darryl and his colleague Becky for the work they did on my fraud case. I rarely give out 5 star ratings but if I could I would give Darryl 6 stars. He's that good.
    He's the rare combination of intelligence, passion, empathy, concern, quick thinker and no ego.
    He answered by wife's frantic phone call before working hours and over the ensuring months tirelessly worked to get me a fair yet very light sentence.
    His intelligence and growing wisdom become more and more evident as you talk with him.
    His passion is unbridled. He will look at a case from every angle multiple times to find the best strategy to win.
    His empathy is unheard of. He's a criminal defense attorney whom actually cares about me, my family and if I have to go away the ramifications this will have on us.
    His concern is genuine. He wants you to avoid prison at all costs and he also wants you to get the help necessary to not be in this position again. If you do have to go away he makes sure you go to the best facility. I will have to do a few months and Darryl called the former warden of the facility to make sure it would be a good place for me.
    Darryl is a quick thinker which when you're at trial or in front of a judge battling a prosecutor and have to process things quickly and respond he's phenomenal.
    He doesn't do this to be in the news. He's a high profile attorney without the high profile ego. To have someone defending me that has all these great qualities yet is also humble is a rarity.
    If it's health care fraud or drug charges or anything in between, Darryl Goldberg is THE BEST defense attorney in Chicago. I staked my life on it and we won.

    Hired attorney
  • Saved my life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ann

    I contacted Darryl when my case was headed in the wrong direction. I sent a desperate email and he called back within 20 minutes. He is smart, confident, aggressive and doggedly persistent. He took charge of my case. He promptly answered every one of my calls. We got the best possible outcome and I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend him.

    Hired attorney
  • Miracle Worker

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Taylor

    When my boyfriend was just recently arrested this year for criminal sexual assault, we came into contact with Darryl for legal advice and not even a day after my boyfriend was released, Darryl had an appointment set up for us to meet with him. When this case started, everyone had the expectation of a trial and possible jail time. However, Darryl never missed a beat to reassure us that he would do everything he can to win this case. Here we are 7 months later with a felony case, that was miraculously dropped to a misdemeanor with NO jail time & NO trial. I have never met nor heard of a lawyer that can work miracles like this, but Darryl did & for that my family and I are forever grateful. I recommend Darryl to anyone in a tough case because this man will certainly save your life.

    Hired attorney
  • Angels still exist in times such as this...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Donnii

    My son was indicted in a drug case which could have resulted in many years in prison. At the time he was only 21 years old. When he realized that this was a very serious case, he contacted Mr. Goldberg the night before he was scheduled to be arrested for legal advice, sight unseen. The day of the arrest, we were assigned Mr. Goldberg by the court. A family that could not afford an attorney, had no knowledge of the law, especially federal law and was scared to death of what was happening. Mr. Goldberg assured us up front that all of our worries, were now his. Since that time I have found him to be well-known, well-connected, fierce and effective. He explained everything to us so even I could understand. He did an excellent job in advising and helping us through an extremely difficult time for our family. Even after sentencing, he is still in contact with me, returns my calls promptly, and I feel he's not just going to drop the relationship we've developed. In conclusion, he found a way to get my son's sentence greatly reduced. I find him to be sympathetic, empathetic, and thorough. He loves his job and his charitable attitude towards my family will never be forgotten. He worked for us as if we were paying him top dollar. Didn't think we would make it and I trust him with my son's life. Would I recommend this lawyer? In a heartbeat!

  • Saved our family's lives!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brittany

    We called Darryl last minute in our case just before my husband was about to go away for 7 years And within hours we had an appointment and were planning our attack and how we could keep Him out of jail. And just on weeks Darryl had a deal offered for him to be in a boot camp program Which is 120 days. He literally came in a rescued us! Now he won't be away from his two little girls and Can be home with him family! Darryl is the the only one I would trust
    With my life or my family's life! We appreciate everything he did for us!!

  • Outstanding legal mind!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by ML

    After countless hours and my reluctance to obtain counsel. Mr. Goldberg through persistence and gall did the unquestionable. He won the case with meticulous precision and professionalism. I would personally go on record to say this is the attorney for the job! Hands down! Thank you Mr Goldberg from me and my family. May God always reside in your heart.

  • Great Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I was going through a tough fleeing and eluding case in Illinois, which had a lot of evidence against me. It could have had a significant impact on my immigration status. Darryl took over my case and did a great job calming me down. Darryl was very personal and quick to answer my questions.
    He got the charge reduced to a traffic offense, without the need for going to trial. He saved my life and career.

  • One of A Kind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Luis Alvarez

    Attorney Goldberg, handled my case with the upmost respect. Both he and his staff were very responsive and kind. Darryl, took my case and started to deal with issues for me right away. He replied both phone calls and emails very promptly and clearly, which definitely made my case less stressful. He is One of a Kind. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a exceptionally professional, responsive, and knowledgeable attorney!

  • Finding the 'PERFECT' Lawyer:

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Fredrick

    Finding the 'PERFECT' Lawyer: FOR DUMMIES

    Regardless of the reason you may find yourself in need of a lawyer, BE

    I can only give you my perspective as someone that had a serious
    offense and DID ALL THE WRONG THINGS!

    1. I confessed without representation
    2. I let too much time go by before seeking an attorney
    3. I listened to other people who didn't understand... YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

    DARRYL IS AMAZING! The type of lawyer you want on your case is A
    CHAMPION, right!? You don't want someone who ‘hopes to win’, or
    ‘thinks they can win’!

    You want someone that:

    1. Has a proven track record
    2. Has a profound understanding of the law and an intuitive nature to
    navigate it
    3. ‘KNOWS’ THEY CAN WIN!!!

    If you are reading this you or someone you care about has screwed up
    and NEED HELP!
    So, lets not BS ourselves, and think that 'WINNING' means getting off

    'WINNING' means getting THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME for what you know
    you probably did!

    As I said I did all the wrong things, and everyone from the federal
    investigator to the prosecutor wanted me in jail!

    have too many people depending on me, but I couldn't get acquitted,
    because I screwed up and told on myself before I even spoke with an

    Thinking because I was a 'GOOD GUY or GAL' and that you have a reason
    for doing what you did that would impress the prosecutor so they would
    say what? “Oh, he did what's right, just LET HIM/HER GO!” ARE YOU
    Freakin’ serious?
    With the system designed the way it is, and the perfection in which
    it was put together, if you want to make money off of locking people
    up... YOU DON'T HAVE A SHOT and neither did I!

    My wife and I called other attorneys, and forgive my vernacular...

    They didn't care about me, what they did, and they were lifetimes away
    from being ‘A MASTER’ at what they do in the strict procedural justice

    Darryl Goldberg is a freakin' MASTER!

    'WINNING' for me was keeping someone so stupid to think that that
    criminal justice system gave a crap about who I am and why I did what
    I did OUT OF PRISON!

    Guess what? WE WON!

    I cannot tell you the surreal feeling I have every day knowing that I
    had someone that HAD MY BACK!

    Darryl does 3 things EXCEPTIONALLY WELL:

    1. RESPOND to you, so you are not left hanging
    2. GIVE it to you straight, so you are not left wondering
    3. 'WIN' for you, so you are not left regretting

    I have to get real with you for a second, because this is not 'play
    time', THIS IS YOUR F'ing LIFE!

    You can roll the dice with someone who is just going to suck up all
    your cash and not CARE about what happens to you, (I call that 'PAYING
    FOR A PUBLIC DEFENDER'), or you can do what you have to do to SECURE

  • Terrific Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joe

    I hired Mr. Goldberg to represent me in a case where the state’s attorney alleged that they had numerous pieces of evidence, including a blood sample, to convict me of driving under the influence. Mr. Goldberg was knowledgeable, professional and made sure that I was informed every step of the way. A better than desirable solution was reached, without a trial, as a result of Mr. Goldberg’s hard work. I would wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Goldberg for anyone seeking legal representation.