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Christopher R. Minelli

Christopher Minelli’s Legal Guides

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  • Help for Authors: Protecting Yourself During the Publishing Process

    Where is the Value in Publishing Books? The words you write provide the value in your work. That is what people pay for when they buy your book, or buy a compact disk with an audio track of someone

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  • Illinois Partnerships 101

    In General The State of Illinois provides many different types of business entities for new businesses seeking to start operations. Besides the usual array of corporations and limited liability comp

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  • Keeping Records for the IRS: Individuals and Small Businesses

    While the IRS generally does not require any records to be kept, provided the taxpayer can truthfully certify on their income tax returns that the information provided is full, accurate, and complete to the best of their knowledge, it is still good policy. This guide covers how to keep good records.

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  • Do You Need a Residential Real Estate Lawyer?

    Summary of Modern Real Estate Trends Historically the lawyer was a key participant in any real estate transaction. A lawyer could be hired to negotiate the purchase, draft needed documents, and clos

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  • Internet Privacy 101

    What's the Big Deal? The Online Reputation Audit The internet has provided us with a manner of researching somebody's professional and personal background that has been unparalleled throughout histo

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  • Forming a Charitable Organization in Illinois

    What Type of Entity? The first step to organizing any business - including not-for-profits - is to select an appropriate business entity. Under modern Illinois law, a charitable organization can tak

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