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Charles Stanley Beach II

About Charles Beach

About me

Charles S. Beach is an accomplished author, lecturer and teacher of DUI law and cross examination methods. His practice is limited to DUI and he further limits himself to practice in Cook County Illinois.

Charles has worked for the Cook County Public Defender's Office and Clerked for Justice Judith Koehler in the 3rd District of Illinois.

He is the author of Traffic Court Practice and Procedure for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education which is the authoritative manual on how to handle matters at the Chicago Traffic Court.

Charles has been a featured lecturer and instructor for the following:

The Cook County State's Attorney's Office;

The Cook County Public Defender's Office;

The Chicago Police Department;

The Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers;

The Chicago Bar Association; and

The Women's Criminal Defense Bar.

Charles is a member of Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Women's Criminal Defense Bar and the Illinois State Bar Association.

Mr. Beach has taken hundreds of DUI cases to trial and motion, achieving outstanding results for his clients.