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Anne Gabrielle Relias

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  • If I am a Canadian who was convicted with gross misdemeanor trespassing while visiting WA, will I be denied entry into the U.S.?

    Not that the details are important, a conviction is a conviction, but this was a non violent crime where no motive or intent to commit a crime was present. I was on a University campus and did not realize the property I was on was a private reside...

    Anne’s Answer

    Without reviewing the statute, complaint and record of conviction I cannot be certain, but crimes where there is no element of intent are generally not considered crimes of moral turpitude which would make an applicant inadmissible. Additionally, even if the trespassing conviction was considered a crime of moral turpitude there is a "petty offense exception" if you were not sentenced to more than 6 months and the maximum penalty possible for the crime does not exceed 1 year imprisonment. However, if asked if you have ever been arrested you must disclose this information and may be required to provide a certified criminal disposition.

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  • How can my mom become a legal resident? shes stil a illegal alien

    she has liveing here for more than 18 years and also worked all those years and still work and live here. she has four kids includeing me all us citizens. im almost 18 years old.And i also got told that she can get her papers because she was a vi...

    Anne’s Answer

    Your mother may be eligible for a U visa as a victim of a crime of violence who cooperated with the police or could possibly file a self-petition if she experienced abuse from a spouse who was a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen. Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

    Anne Relias
    Attorney at Law

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