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Matthew Alexander Passen

Matthew Passen’s Answers

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  • Can I get this done in time, my personal injury attorney unethically dropped my case 2 months before the statue runs out?

    Reading advice here on the website I recently cornered my attorney into providing me with my file. He wouldn't return my calls or emails, so I did as advised here and asked to set up an appointment to see my file. It was at this time that he sudd...

    Matthew’s Answer

    Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who will advise you whether it makes the most sense to hire another lawyer or try to resolve the case on your own. Do this before speaking to any investigator. The statute of limitations must be protected at all costs -- it sounds like you still have time.

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  • Can I sue someone that didn't have insurance on the day of the car accident?

    This accident happened years ago and I suffered badly.

    Matthew’s Answer

    You can, but if the other driver didn't have insurance, chances are the person doesn't have significant assets ($) to satisfy a judgment. Also, keep in mind that in Illinois a suit must be filed within 2 years of most crashes.

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