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Jason Nathaniel Sposeep

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  • What happens when spouse violates divorce decree and claims children for tax purposes?

    Divorce decree states that noncustodial parent is entitled to exemption and has original 8332 formed signed. Ex-wife has now issued another 8332 form revoking rights and has claimed the exemption. Does the decree supersede the new 8332 form? Can n...

    Jason’s Answer

    Timely file your return and then file a Petition for Contempt. If you are able to show that the violation was wilfull, you may be able to collect attorney fees for having to pursue this matter in court. All of that said, it is worth a call to your former spouse to see if it can otherwise be worked out before you initiate proceedings. Regardless, you should consult with a lawyer as this information should not be construed as legal advice.

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