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Dhenu Mitesh Savla

Dhenu Savla’s Legal Guides

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  • Who qualifies for H4-EAD?

    USCIS announced May 26, 2015 as the date that some H4 dependents will be eligible for their EAD (Employment Authorization Card). Here's who qualifies: Eligibility based on I-140 approval Does your spo

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  • Adjustment of status through marriage (I-485)

    Immigrants who marry a US Citizen may be eligible to adjust their status through marriage. However, there are a few questions to ask yourself before you file.

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  • The Important Role of Taxes in Immigration

    There are a number of misconceptions around taxes. Most people do not realize that they have any importance for immigration purposes. They might be in for a surprise when it comes to an RFE or a denial that is given based on tax-related reasons. Here are some key points to know.

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  • What You May Not Know About Your Employment-Based Application Can Hurt You

    Immigrants assume that if their employer is sponsoring their application, there is no need for another immigration attorney. Often they are afraid of having to pay high fees to get their questions answered. You might be surprised to know the truth.

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