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Richard J. Dvorak

Richard Dvorak’s reviews

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    5.0 stars

    Posted by Salomon

    I meet with a few lawyers before I meet with Richard and as cliche as it sounds, but he literally got me my life back. I felt most comfortable and confident in Richard than I did with the rest. From the get go Richard kept it real, he didn't beat around the bush and confidently advised me rather or not he can win my case or have to take a plea. I was looking at a mandatory sentencing of 1-3 years for an aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and DUI. Richard took on my case brilliantly and without fear of having to take it to trial but because of his incredible knowledge, diligence and experience, we didn't have to go to trial...Richard got my entire case dismissed and charges dropped. And, he did it at a very fair and extremely reasonable cost especially compared to the rest. Another great plus is his fluency in Spanish which came in handy when explaining the proceedings to my parents.

    Highly recommended and will always refer, Richard and his associates. Thank you Richard and Iveliz!!


  • Great Criminal Defense Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    Rich was very helpful, kept me in the loop, and got me a great deal in my misdemeanor criminal matter, keeping me out of jail. Great lawyer.

  • Satisfied Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marvin

    Three years ago I was wrongfully accused and convicted of criminal sexual assault, and was to serve ten years at 85%. After much prayer and meditation I received a letter from Mr. Richard J. Dvorak telling me that he was going to represent me before the Appellate Court. Not long after Mr. Dvorak informed me that I had won a favorable decision in my appeal. I truly believe that through his diligent, hard work and legal experience this was the reason I was released. I would most gladly refer him to any and all. Thank You

  • Failure Is Never An Option

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Walter

    I was falsely convicted of a murder charge and given 110 years in prison. After 16 1/2 years my case was overturned by 7th Curcuit Court. When I was released I tried to hire attorneys to represent me on a civil lawsuit in order to receive compensation for my wrongful conviction. Unfortunately I was turned down by many and told that I had to wait until the lower courts decided if they wanted to retry me before I could pursue a lawsuit. After speaking with Richard he was brave enough to take on the case the moment he gathered all the information he felt he needed. Since being on my case, Richard has uncovered more hidden evidence that Lawyers I had in the past had'nt been able to discover, he has also been very helpful in helping me stay focused thru my struggles, as we await trial/settlement. I have every confidence that Richard will get me the just due compensation I deserve for the wrong that has been made against me by the representatives of the state of Indiana. I highly recommend this Attorney to anyone who is seeking justice, because he will give you due diligence in his representation on your behalf.

  • Very skilled - Found Hidden Evidence in a very high profile case against Law Enforcement that proved my innocence

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sarah

    Richard Dvorak took on a case for me as a Defensive Lawyer that was high profile against Law Enforcement, not only did he find evidence that proved my innocence, he was able to prove the evidence was purposely hidden by law enforcement. I am now working with Richard and his referral partners on a Civil case. Richard took the case head on, was very trustworthy and made me feel at ease. I basically put my future in his hands, and Richard was able to prevent wrongful prosecution. I would definitely recommend Richard as an attorney. His rates were very reasonable and fair, and I never felt like he was overcharging me like many other attorneys do. In fact I feel that I owe more to Richard due to the nature of my case. Richard is very skilled at what he does and knows the laws. Often times I didn't understand terminology or the process of a court case and Richard always explained it on my level. I always felt like my case was his main priority even when I knew Richard was actively working other cases. If you are seeking Illinois best, get in contact with Richard Dvorak.