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Peggy M. Raddatz

About Peggy Raddatz

About me

     My client's come to me by word of mouth from other satisfied clients and other  lawyers.   I represent many lawyers in their divorce cases.  I have devoted myself to the areas of Divorce Law, Matrimonial Law, Domestic Relations, and Family Law for my entire law career. 

      I represent men and women just as aggressively.  I am a trained mediator, negotiator, and litigator.  I have an old fashioned practice in that I am available to my clients 24/7.  Everyone gets my cell phone number and they are always welcome to call my office or cell phone, or contact me by text and email.  I am a lawyer who returns all calls promptly.  You can ALWAYS contact me.  

     I know that client's are especially concerned with the costs of their case so i am extremely sensitive to their concerns and I work hard to keep their legal costs down.  I have represented large cases worth millions and small cases.  I work just as hard on both.

     I make myself available during convenient hours for clients so that they do not have to miss work to come in to see me.  I do not have my client's attend court unless it is absolutely necessary so they do not have to miss work needlessly.

      I believe my job is to educate my client's about the law so that they can make their own informed decisions about their case and about their future.   

       I have the experience, expertise, and reputation in this field to do the best job possible for you and I will not let you down.  


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