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Ruben David Sanmiguel

Ruben Sanmiguel’s Legal Guides

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  • Five Factors Judges Consider In Sentencing You In Court

    Most defendants understand their right to plead guilty or not guilty. Just as important are factors judges consider when determining an appropriate sentence after finding a defendant guilty. Preparing yourself to face the judge is the best way to ensure a good result in your case

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  • Five Reasons Why You Should Not To Represent Yourself in Court

    You may make incriminating statements People who represent themselves lack specialized knowledge and experience. While attempting to plead their case, they may say things that hurt their case. For

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  • DUI Statutory Summary Suspension Rules in Illinois

    Driving Under The Influence in Illinois: DUI A person accused of DUI needs to understand that a police officer will ask you to conduct tests, if after issuing a citation for any traffic offense, he/she has probable cause to believe the driver has consumed alcohol or other intoxic...

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  • Five Indicators that you are Wanted by Police

    Letters from the Police The most subtle contact method from police comes in the form of a letter requesting information or an in-person interview. This type of contact usually arrives after a proper

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  • Five Things to Remember when Pulled over by Police

    Plan ahead Before you leave home, make sure you have all state required documents in your car. For example, keep your drivers license in your wallet or purse. Place your proof of insurance and curr

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