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Roger S. Hutchison

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  • SS Disability called me Friday june 19 2025. said analysts approved my disability condition ..but changed my onset date?

    I applied in Dec 2013 which should be my onset date (all my medical records were sent in then) . I would get 18 months back pay , SS is saying I became disabled sept 2014 . I had no money waiting 16 months for disabiilty finally I had to work ...

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    It is common for a claimant to be awarded a later onset date at the application or reconsideration stages. Given the fact that cases are statistically more likely to be denied at the first two stages, I look at a 'partially favorable' award as being a very good starting result. You then have the option to appeal and argue why your medical evidence proves that you were disabled pursuant to SSA's definition prior to the date that was awarded, but will begin receiving benefits in the meantime. Just be aware, though, that the trier of fact will still have to consider whether you continue to be disabled. You should contact an attorney to discuss the strength of your appeal.

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  • Why is my LTD insurance company telling me to re-apply for SSDI?

    This same insurance company applied for the SSDI on my behalf last August thru a subsidiary company, Allsup. I was approved for the SSDI at that time and have been receiving it and the LTD. I bought the LTD personally through the company where I w...

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    This appears to be an error on the insurance company's part, since you are already approved for an receiving SSDI. If you don't have an attorney representing you in your LTD claim, you should contact you claims manager to discuss the letter.

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  • Social security says I have an overpayment of 71,000 .I sent in a waiver and my caseworker ecnored it and threatened me.

    I am not merryed but have been with a woman for 30 years .I had to report her waiges from work .3 years ago I moved to another address and I reported the move to my caseworker .then after 6 months I moved back in with her an did not report it .SSI...

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    Go to your local Social Security office on Monday morning and A) file an appeal arguing the facts; and B) request a waiver alleging that the overpayment was not your fault and that you are not able to pay it back. Also request that they continue to pay you while the appeal and overpayment request are being decided.

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