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Law v. OSF St. Anthony Medical Center, et al.

Case Conclusion Date: 04.29.2009

Practice Area: Birth injury

Outcome: $12,000,000 settlement

Description: This was the highest recorded settlement in Winnebago County history for any type of case. Jeremy Law suffered profound anoxic brain injury during the delivery process as a result of placental abruption (where the placenta separates from the mother's uterus). The nursing staff failed to confirm Jeremy's position when his mother first came to the hospital and before starting augmentation of labor with Pitocin. Jeremy was in breech position (his bottom and not his head was down) and therefore, the delivering obstetrician would never have attempted vaginal delivery but have done a cesarean section long before the placental abruption occurred. If that had been done, Jeremy would have been delivered as a normal, healthy infant.

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