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Christopher Jones’s Answers

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  • If I set up a small business as a DBA, or LLC, Can anyone, as a point of public record, find out my name??

    If I set up a DBA, or LLC - and then open a small-business bank account under a DBA or LLC - can anyone do research to find my personal name behind it? Thanks for input!

    Christopher’s Answer

    There is a certain amount of information that can be found at the Illinois Secretary of State's website ( for an LLC. The record must include a registered agent, which must be an entity able to accept service of a lawsuit. The record must also include a physical address of the business. Getting to your personal name would take more digging but it is public record. A DBA is trickier -- you may be able to keep your name out of the public realm though taxing entities would require it. I hope this helps. Setting up a business should be a careful and intentional endeavor.

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