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Daniel John Kollias

Daniel Kollias’s Answers

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  • Once child support papers are sent, does the non custodial parent get visitation rights

    The non custodial wants visitation rights but child support papers haven't been reviewed yet

    Daniel’s Answer

    Visitation and child support are independent and separate from one another. I recommend that you contact an attorney to discuss the specifics of your case.

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  • How long does it take for child support to be reviewed

    Child support papers were sent through Dcss.

    Daniel’s Answer

    Did you submit a request through DHFS (the Department of Healthcare & Family Services), it could take a while. Hiring a private attorney can make the process move along faster.

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  • I have joint custody, but my x wife motioned for sole custody. The two years have not been up. Should I be worried?

    My x wife petitioned for sole custody prior to the two year minimum. There has been no endangerment that she can prove. However, the GAL is biased, has ignored facts I have pointed out, and ignores her violations of the JCJ. I've put in a motio...

    Daniel’s Answer

    You should hire an attorney who has experience litigating custody cases.

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  • Do I need to be re married to move my son and myself out of state?

    Do I need to prove it will better his life?

    Daniel’s Answer

    Without the consent of your son's father, you will bear the burden of proving that moving your son out of state is in your son's best interest. There are specific factors the court will look to in determining what is in your son's best interest.

    I disagree with the attorney who said that getting remarried has nothing to do with it. Under the Collingbourne case, if you are remarried and you or your spouse have family or job opportunities out of state, those facts could weigh in favor of removal.

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