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Sean Martin Mccumber

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  • Show Me the Money: The New Statewide Comprehensive Financial Disclosure Form

    Domestic Relations cases, whether they involve paternity, child custody, dissolution of marriage (or civil union), or legal separation, often revolve around one important issue the money.Some counties have a local rule covering comprehensive financial statements.One rather large...

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  • When a Parent Fails to Exercise His or Her Parenting Time

    Generally, the Court presumes that the best interests of children are served by the maximum involvement and cooperation of both parents in the physical, mental, moral, and emotional well-being of their children.[1] Further, the Courts will grant reasonable parenting time rights t...

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  • A Case Law Overview for Child Custody Disputes in Civil Union Dissolutions

    With the stroke of a pen, in 2011, Illinois enacted legislation permitting civil unions for same-sex couples (and opposite-sex couples, too). So the question arises, is there anything new to talk about with civil unions and custody matters? The civil union act requires liberal co...

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  • Dupage County Rules for Domestic Relations Cases

    These rules were changed in 2008. Here are the important changes that both lawyers and pro se litigants should be aware of: Discovery. Comprehensive Financial Statements now must be exchanged, with corroborating documents, within 30 days (previously 60 days) of the Defendant fil...

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  • Next Friends: Can the Attorney for the Minor Act as Next Friend in Emancipation Proceedings?

    Minors can be wronged, they can wrong, and they can be in need of protection or relief. However, it is well-recognized that minors lack the capacity to bring legal actions or defend against them. What about when minors sue seeking adult status in the real world. Enter the next f...

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  • Virtual Visitation: The Who, The What, The How, & The Where Of Long Distance Parenting

    LEGISLATION Four states currently have statutory provisions for virtual/electronic visitation and parenting time: TEXAS, UTAH, FLORIDA, and WISCONSIN. Possible legislation remains pending in: CALIFORNIA, ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, OHIO, SOUTH CAROLINA, NEW JERSEY (and other states). I...

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