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Lynn M. Mirabella

Lynn Mirabella’s Answers

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  • How old does a child have to be to decide who they want to live with in IL?

    Mother has custody and denying father visitation. Daughter wants to be with dad.

    Lynn’s Answer

    Under the new parental allocation statute (as with the former custody statute), a child's wishes are taken into consideration. However, there is no age when a child's wishes dictate the outcome in this type of litigation.

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  • Mt brothers g/f is taking him to court for child support and full custody but will not let him see his baby what should we do.

    They are 19 years old both have jobs.

    Lynn’s Answer

    All parents have the right to "reasonable and liberal" visitation time in Illinois (assuming no risk of serious and present endangerment to the child). Bring a Petition to Establish Visitation Schedule and give the child's mother notice of the petition.

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