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Thomas P. Miller

Thomas Miller’s Legal Guides

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  • Immediate Relative Adjustment of Status to Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder)

    An immediate relative of a United States citizen, can adjust his or her status to a legal permanent resident if the immediate relative meets certain criteria. The U.S. citizen is referred to as the "Petitioner" and the foreign immediate relative is referred to as the "Beneficiary...

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  • Maintenance (Alimony) in Illinois

    Maintenance Generally What used to be called "alimony" is now called maintenance in Illinois. Maintenance is money paid by one former spouse to his or her former spouse for the latter's support, purs

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  • Child Custody in Illinois

    In a divorce, custody of a minor child is perhaps the most difficult and important decision that a Judge has to make. Custody can be resolved by agreement, but in Illinois, the court must accept that agreement and incorporate it into a court Order or Judgment. As a starting point...

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  • Illinois Child Support

    Child support in Illinois is typically paid by the non-custodial parent (the parent not residing with the child or children) to the custodial parent (the parent residing with the children). The payor (parent paying) pays a percentage of his or her income based on the number of ch...

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  • Civil Unions in Illinois

    Civil Unions in Illinois give rights provided by marriage to same-sex couples, but also to unrelated folks that want same benefits without necessarily being homosexual or even same-sex. Protections to marital property and receipt of maintenance (support for the other spouse, or w...

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