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Thomas P. Miller

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  • Legal Malpractice Attorney needed for divorce settlement attorneys.

    Already been to appelate court. Attorneys were unprepared and did not present facts of the case. If you are not interested in representing me or have lack of sand in your boots, please do not reply!

    Thomas’s Answer

    I agree with the preceding commentator. It is difficult to determine what sort of case you are talking about. If the divorce was a settlement, as the title of your question suggests, and you appealed a denial of a malpractice case, that's one thing. That's completely different from appealing a divorce judgment (after trial), and now considering suing for malpractice.

    In any case, your case sound very time sensitive and you should consult with an attorney directly. Please keep in mind that this is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship can be created without client and attorney signing an agreement.

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  • Discovery that has been going on for over 2 years

    how long can discovery go if we keep "discovering" new things and the other party isn't cooperating?

    Thomas’s Answer

    Until a Judge orders discovery closed.

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  • I am jamaican and was married in jamaica do I have to divorce in jamaica. I am not a citizens of the states either.

    I have lived in the stated for 4 months

    Thomas’s Answer

    It is impossible to say whether you have to divorce in Jamaica based on the information you provided. In order to answer, I would have to know whether you are a resident of Illinois for at least 90 days, and where your spouse is residing, and where any children are residing. Even if your spouse is not a resident of Illinois, it may be possible to obtain a divorce in Illinois, but it may be without anything else (without property/debt distribution, etc.). This is a very fact specific question.

    Please note that this is not legal advice and not attorney-client relationship can be setup without attorney and client signing and agreement.

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