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Warren J. Breslin

Warren Breslin’s Legal Guides

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  • Expunge & Seal Criminal Records

    Helping You Clear Your Criminal Record Filing To Expunge If you do not have any convictions on your record, the law allows expungement of any case where you were acquitted or released without conviction (including cases in which you were not charged). If your release without con...

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  • Executive Clemency Petitions (For Governor's Pardon)

    Helping You Get a Governor's Pardon in Illinois Is an arrest or criminal conviction preventing you from getting a job and advancing in your career? Do background checks continually haunt you? If you are being held back by your criminal record and have not been able to expunge ...

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  • Preparing for Court

    Preparing for Your Appearance in Court When you appear in court there are certain things to know that will better prepare you and your attorney. The arrest experience that brings you to court was only the beginning of the oftentimes lengthy case resolution process. Be prepared ...

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  • Know Your Rights!

    Have you been questioned by police? Do you know someone who has? Have you been in a situation where you could have been arrested? Do you know your rights when confronted by police? KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Warren J. Breslin Law Offices, in consultation with veteran collea...

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