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Matt Fakhoury

Matt Fakhoury’s Answers

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  • Can anyone get a expunge on a larceny theft class four felony from 2005 with a juvenile theft from 2000 probation on both

    Larceny Theft over was the charge in 05 probation ended in 2009 is there a chance of having this charge reopened or lessoned to a lower charge if its not expungeable charges were in Illinois

    Matt’s Answer

    A Class 4 Theft is not expungeable but it is sealable. A sealing covers or hides the conviction from the general public and can be very useful. Beginning January 1, 2014 class 3 and 4 felony thefts can be sealed.

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  • How Long Do Dismissed criminal case stay on Public Record?

    I had a dismissed criminal case for unlawful selling alcohol to minor because I forgot to check the IDs when I was a waiter in one restaurant.

    Matt’s Answer

    Even if the case was dismissed, it will stay on your record permanently unless you get it expungement. In other words, no case will get automatically cleared from your record. Check out for more information.

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