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Brian Anthony Grady

Brian Grady’s Legal Guides

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  • Parental Alienation and its effect on children in divorce

    During the process of a divorce or separation, the experience can be pain staking and grueling; but nothing can be more awful than when the process begins to negatively effect your children. It's sad but true that children can become pawns in the game of divorce. Your son or daug...

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  • Joint v. Sole Custody in Illinois

    Joint Custody Joint Custody of a child/children requires both parents to cooperate in deciding the major issues affecting their children, including, but not limited to major medical needs, religious

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  • Brian Grady's guide to out of State Removal/Moving Children out of State

    Out of State Removal Factors A parent must file a petition to seek Out of State Removal or leave to move out of state with the minor child or children. Each petition will be reviewed by the court on

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