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Richard Joseph Albanese

Richard Albanese’s Legal Guides

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  • Truck Drivers: Don't be the Biggest Loser! Handling Overweight Violations in Illinois and Wisconsin

    Representing truck drivers and trucking companies carries a special responsibility. Sure, driving is usually important to everyone with a vehicle on the road that has to get from place to place, but for the truck drivers and their companies the road is the job and they depend on...

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  • Do I Need a Lawyer for a Retail Theft Case in Illinois or Wisconsin?

    Many times a potential client will ask me Why do I need a Lawyer for a retail theft when they say I only took a: (Shirt, Bottle of Liquor, Candy Bar, Batteries, Baby Formula, etc)? Like speeding tickets it seems that people just dont take these types of cases seriously, but not...

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  • Deferred Prosecution in Illinois and Wisconsin: A Second Chance for a First Offender?

    Many people contact the Richard Albanese Law Office and ask if a lawyer here can get their speeding ticket or criminal case thrown out or taken care of. Perhaps these ideas come from movies or TV, but in reality generally speaking the only way a case is dismissed is if a motion t...

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  • A Former Prosecutor's Do's and Dont's When Interacting With Police and the Court System

    This is a guide from the perspective of an experienced former prosecutor to explain to you in a straight-forward, common sense manner how to obtain the best results with your criminal case from your interactions with police, lawyers, sheriffs to coming to the courtroom and beyond sentencing.

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